Paid Search (PPC)


Paid Search (PPC)

If you are involved with online marketing in any manner you should have a very real interest in learning about pay per click advertising. It is one of the fastest ways to get noticed by the search engines, draw targeted traffic to your website and totally dominate your niche.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of advertising where you design short, compelling ads and have them featured on other sites. As your ads gain exposure, people searching for products and information offered on your site will click them and you will pay for each click. The amount you spend on a pay per click campaign will vary, depending on what you are paying per click and how many clicks your ads receive, which is known as your “click through rate.”
When you hear someone in the online marketing world talk about pay per click advertising they are talking about getting their ads displayed with the top search engines like Google and Yahoo on a PPC basis.

How Does Pay Per Click Work?

In order to launch a pay per click advertising campaign you have to determine the most popular keywords that are directly related to your website and then place bids on those keywords.  It's like an auction for each keyword phrase.
For the most part you can expect that you will get the top display position for the keywords you bid on as long as you are the highest bidder. That said, Google and other search engines are starting to weigh in other factors when they determine the order of advertisements for different keywords.
Consider a brief rundown of how a PPC internet marketing campaign works:

1. Determine your keywords.
2. Create compelling ads.
3. Bid the maximum price you are willing to pay for every click received.
4. Monitor all bids and keywords, making changes as needed.

When you determine your keywords keep in mind that the keywords that are searched the most often are going to be more competitive for PPC advertising. This means you will need to bid higher in order to get reasonable pay per click placement for those keywords. Choosing keywords that are searched by fewer people could deliver better results if you are on a limited budget.       

Sometimes it is better to be at the top on a less popular keyword than middle of the pack on a very popular keyword.

While creating your ads it is very important do some online searches for your keywords and look at what your competitors are using in their ads. You want something different so you stand out.

Finally, getting into the pay per click bidding process requires a level head and clear knowledge of your limits. You don’t want to get caught up in a bidding war that you can’t afford to win. In order for pay per click online marketing campaigns to pull in more money than they require you to spend, you have to choose the keywords wisely and constantly monitor results to make changes as necessary.