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Apple undoubtedly has plans for a new version of iOS and a successor to iPhone 5, but now we have the first signs that the Cupertino giant is already testing them in the real world.

According to developer logs The Next Web has seen, Apple is testing a device with a new, "iPhone 6.1" identifier running iOS 7. Furthermore, the device was sending requests from an IP address on Apple's Cupertion campus.

Even if the developer logs are genuine, they don't bring us any specifics about the new device or the software it's running.

Still, it's possible that the next generation iPhone is already undergoing testing at Apple, even though it's not likely to be launched before fall 2013. For comparison, a prototype of the iPhone 4 was unearthed several months before the phone was actually launched in June 2010

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Karl Amstadt
Karl Amstadt / January 21, 2013
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