Mobile Marketing Trends Cleveland Business Owners Should Use to Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Their Competition

Mobile web continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Smart phones are becoming smarter and Internet connectivity is improving, resulting in the immense growth of the mobile web.  But, what does it mean for your business?

Here are 5 Mobile trends to take advantage of helping you get ahead of your competitors:

  1. A Multi-Channel Strategy Needed to Enhance Customer Experience
    Rather than focusing only on mobile marketing, concentrate on achieving a consistent branding experience across all channels.  Create a seamless customer experience by adopting responsive web design together with an integrated digital marketing plan.
  2. Mobile is Fueling the Trend to More Visual Content.
    Mobile web use is helping to drive the trend to more visually aesthetic content.  So be creative with images and graphics - incorporating short descriptions and then letting your pictures do the talking.
  3. Mobile Video Popularity is Huge.
    More and more people are engaging with video via mobile social media.  So be ready to join in or miss out. Make sure your videos are mobile friendly, high enough quality, and most important engage your target audience.  
  4. Mobile is Changing How We Socialize.
    Cleverly adopted social media platforms my staying in touch and staying updated a breeze from any mobile device - meaning it's more important than ever to create a social media marketing plan as part of your multi-channel, multi-platform online strategy. 

  5. Location Based Technologies are Everywhere.
    Aided by increasing sophisticated technology, location based marketing can leverage not only the who, but the where for mobile users.  This unlocks new exciting opportunities for paid search, creative app features, and advanced consumer data. 


In conclusion, the mobile revolution continues to advance bringing with it innovate ways to achieve greater customer engagement, improved brand loyalty, and ultimately more sales.

If you would like help integrating a comprehensive mobile strategy into your online marketing plan, get in touch - (216) 831-3311.

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