Video Marketing


Cleveland Area Businesses should be taking advantage Video Marketing.

Online video is hugely popular proving itself as a highly effective way to:

  • increase customer engagement
  • increase brand awareness
  • attract search engine traffic

A video makes it 50 times more likely you'll get a first page Google listing.

The following 5 tips will help prepare you for a successful Video Marketing Campaign:

  1. Start with a Purpose.
    Determine your objective so you will be able to integrate video into your broader marketing plan.

  2. Educate rather than advertise.
    Videos that educate are more likely to appeal over a commercial.  A Video Series that answer common questions is a great place to start and helps demonstrate your expertise. 

  3. Don't let your Video sabotage your message.
    No matter how great your message is, if you viewer can't hear or see your video, it won't matter.  Make sure you use the right lighting, have a stable camera and that your message can be easily heard.

  4. Don't Forget a "Call to Action.
    Make sure your video includes a "Call to Action" leaving no doubt what they are to do next - sign up, subscribe, buy now, call, etc.   Always include your contact details.

  5. Upload, Embed and Share.
    Share your video from your website, social media profiles, blog, emails, and more. Use best practices search marketing methods to increase exposure from Google & YouTube.

If you are not investing in Video as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy your missing out on a great opportunity to increase your brand exposure, engage your target audience and increase sales.
If you would like help implementing Video Marketing for your business, get in touch with us today.  216-831-3311

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