A key factor in helping you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors is to identify significant digital marketing trends.  Then you use trends to take steps to help improve your buyers experience and increase their engagement.

Here are 5 important trends to be ready for so you can get ahead in 2015:


  1. Marketing Becomes Everyone's Job.
    Marketing, sales, public relations, and advertising will continue to converge as online customer behavior evolves.  It is more important than ever to use collaborate participation marketing methods create engaging content and improve the online customer experience.

  2. Content is Still King - As Long As It's Smart Content.
    Brands of all sizes are becoming publishers.  The focus for your content should be on being useful and relevant.  Tailoring your content to where readers are in the buying cycle will be far more effective in engaging your target audience.  
  3. Customer Experience Is More Important Than Sales Pitches.
    Marketers that do nothing, but sell, sell, sell will be quickly dismissed by consumers.  Instead focus on improving buyer experience by providing greater value and offering better customer care throughout the buying journey.

  4. Human Conversations Overpower Corporate Messages.
    Corporate Speak is being replaced by a more humanized approach to engaging with customers.  Creating authentic online connections will become more important in order to grow a loyal customer base.

  5. Be Mobile Ready Or Be Left Behind.
    The mobile web will dominate Internet use making it absolutely vital to create a cohesive brand experience across all major mobile devices - including posting social media content that will be compatible with limited screen resolution.

In conclusion, adapting your digital marketing plan in these 5 key areas will you're ready to take advantage of new opportunities that the evolving digital landscape has to offer - Improving customer engagement and increasing sales.
If you would like help preparing your digital marketing strategy for 2015, get in touch (216)831-3311.

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